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GWALL version 4 Release Notes

Please try the downloadable demo version.

Gravity and Cantilever Wall Analysis Program.
GWALL analyses a wide range of retaining wall problems
including gravity walls and cantilever walls with a base.

Methods of Analysis
Wall Geometry
Soil Properties
Water Pressures
Applied Loads and Surcharges
Limit States
Interactive Graphics
Hardware Requirements

Methods of Analysis   ( Top )

GWALL carries out two types of analysis within the one program:

  1. Limit equilibrium analysis for calculating factors of safety against sliding and overturning.
  2. Calculation of bending moments and shear forces in the stem and base (including the effect of earth pressures due to compaction), and the bearing pressure on the base of the wall.

Wall Geometry   ( Top )

A wide variety of wall geometries can be analysed including variable heel and toe width, battered front and back faces and a shear key at any position. Gabion wall geometry can also be entered with up to 20 layers, with varying width, height and offset from the toe.

Soil Properties   ( Top )

Up to 20 soil strata may be defined. For each stratum the following parameters may be specified:

The program will, if desired, calculate earth pressure coefficients from values of soil friction, wall friction, batter angle and backfill angle given by the user.

Water Pressures   ( Top )

Hydrostatic or non-hydrostatic water pressure profiles may be defined on both sides of the wall.

Applied Loads and Surcharges   ( Top )

Surcharges may be specified to act on or below the ground surface on the active side.

Vertical, horizontal and moment loads may be applied to the top of the wall. Horizontal and vertical components of anchor load may be applied to the face of the wall.

Limit States   ( Top )

Both pre-defined EC7 factor sets, and user defined factor sets can be applied to load cases. Factors are applied to loads, surcharges and soil properties.

Units   ( Top )

Data may be entered in any consistent set of units e.g. (kN,m), (lb,feet). All print-out from the program is automatically annotated in the appropriate units.

Output   ( Top )

Printed output from the program consists of the input data followed by details of the forces, factors of safety, wall pressures, bending moments and shear forces.

Interactive graphics   ( Top )

Graphical display of the data shows the shape of the wall, the soil profile, ground water levels, applied loads and anchor position (if present).

The data can be edited interactively by clicking and dragging.

Results are displayed in the form of bending moment, shear force and wall pressure diagrams.

Hardware Requirements   ( Top )

GWALL operates on all Windows systems. Program files occupy about 3Mb of disk space. Operation of the program requires about 10Mb of RAM.