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User Guides 
Context Sensitive Help 

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User Guides 

The User Guides used to be available as bound booklets but are now only provided as pdf documents. They are supplementary to the Help (CHM) files described above. They provide a complete description of program operations and parameter definitions but also include in depth information about the basis of analysis.

Geosolve User Guides are freely available to download for
use in connection with licensed copies of Geosolve software
and for private use by all interested parties.

You can download the files via the following links:
       WALLAP version 5 User Guide
       SLOPE version 12 User Guide
       GWALL version 3 User Guide
       GWALL version 4 User Guide

The WALLAP version 6 User Guide is still in course
of preparation. Meanwhile please use the Version 5 Guide.

Context Sensitive Help 

Help during data input and editing
Press the key at any time during data input or any menu operation.
You will see a Help Topic related to the data or menu item which has focus.

Help while viewing results
Tabulated results are annotated with numerous comments and occasional warnings. The Blue under-lined texts are clickable links to relevant Help topics.

       Help during Report generation

Help during Report generation

The Help file is searchable. It provides explanations and assistance relating to the:
       User Interface,
       Parameter definitions,
       Analysis options,
       Interpretation of results.

Each program has its own help file which resides in its program folder. Help is normally accessed via the software but the Help file can also be downloaded and read independently via the following links:

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